Demopolis Police Department Chaplain Program


Our Purpose

The purpose of  our Police Chaplain is to  provide biblically-based chaplain services to all public safety personnel and their families which building relationships of trust and credibility. He also provides personal and pastoral counseling; demonstrate genuine Christian love and concern; provide professional training; communicate through relational evangelism; offer Bible study group experiences and initiate Christian disciple building.

Services Provided

Our Police Chaplain is involved in a wide variety of situations. Situations that include fatal accidents, suicides, homicides, SIDS deaths, hostage incidents and search and rescue. Following traumatic incidents, the Police Chaplin offer and conduct stress counseling to law enforcement personnel both sworn and non-sworn and their families. Counseling may also include pre-marital, career-related, retirement and other topics as the need may arise. The Police Chaplin also perform weddings, funerals, baptisms as requested, and make hospital and home visits as needed. The Police Chaplain does ride-along with the different Officers which serves as an important opportunity to develop rapport and be available for informal counseling and support. The Chaplain has been scheduled that he is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week and respond on a no-decline basis.