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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I report a crime? 
To report a crime within the city limits of Demopolis, dial 911. Using our E911 system ensures your call for assistance is logged properly and an Officer is dispatched to you in a timely manner.

Where do I pick up a police report? 
All reports produced by the Demopolis Police Department can be picked up in Records at the Police Department between the hours of 8:00am and 6:00pm. The Police Department is located at 301 East Washington Street. If you have any questions about picking up a report, you can call Records at (334) 289-3073.

How can I help prevent crime? 
While it is the job of all Demopolis Police personnel to achieve crime prevention goals, members of the Community can assist and organize crime prevention programs within neighborhood and business communities. Crime Prevention must be a partnership between the police department and the community. If you see crime occurring or have information about a crime please contact the Police Department Criminal Investigation Unit at (334) 289-3073.

How do I report drug activity? 
You may report drug activity by calling the Demopolis Police Tip Hotline at (334) 289-1475 or 334-289-3073. If it is an emergency please call 911.

How do I find out if someone is in jail? 
To find out if someone has been arrested by the Demopolis Police Department and is still in jail, you must contact the Marengo County Detention Center at (334) 295-2257.

How do I obtain a background check for an Apartment? 
To obtain a background check you must call or visit our Police Department. 
(334) 289-3073                             (334) 289-1486
301 East Washington Street           521 Hwy 80 East
Demopolis, Alabama 36732           Demopolis, Alabama 36732

Identity Theft
What do I need to do to help in my investigation? 
Print a copy of the Identity Crime Incident Detail Form and fill it out completely. 
Print and fill out the ID Theft Affidavit. 
Keep a detailed phone log of every creditor that you speak to. 
Request copies of any documents available relating to accounts in question. 
Use the Information Request Form to obtain the information. 
When all information has been gathered, call and schedule an appointment with your investigator. 
What if I know who committed the fraud against me? 
You can go to the Demopolis Municipal Court located at 301 East Washington Street Demopolis, Al 36732  and fill out a warrant application. Please have a full name and address for the suspect. 
Will I get my money back? 
Criminal prosecution does not guarantee that your funds will be returned to you. Often times the courts will make restitution a part of sentencing 
Will filing a police report remove the fraudulent information from my credit report? 

Unfortunately, no. The victim will still have the responsibility of following up with creditors and credit bureaus to remove fraudulent information. 
If I made a police report, why should I report the crime to the Federal Trade Commission or the Internet Fraud Complaint Center? 
These agencies act as a clearinghouse for fraud complaints. They are able to find similarities between complaints and link related cases to assist in the investigation and apprehension of suspects.