Youth Leadership Academy


In June 2015, Chief Reese seeing the need to build a better relationship with our youth in the City of Demopolis created the first Youth Leadership Academy. We know that our youth are the future and that we must invest in our “Future Leaders”.

Mission Statement

To enable dedicated youth to become decisive, caring, and disciplined leaders in a challenging environment. Also, to instill confidence and courage through

hands-on adventure, survival and physical training, while fostering in each the moral integrity and flawless character required of responsible citizens and future leaders.


The Youth Leadership Academy (YLA) is a two consective weeks long summer program dedicated to developing the leadership potential of current middle and high school students. YLA provides participants with a challenging and meaningful adventure camp experience while building an understanding of small group leadership techniques, leadership ethics, and team work, problem-solving and effective communication.


Student health and safety is our primary concern. The staff is all qualified and trained Public Safety Officers (Police and Fire) from the Demopolis Public Safety Department providing each student with a safe and rewarding experience. We have access to emergency care to provide immediate first aid care.


The Youth Leadership Academy is open to all Demopolis and Marengo County area students. The Youth Leadership Academy is a continuation of the Explorer Police Academy and is designed to continue the students’ training and preparation for becoming tomorrow’s leaders.

The Youth Leadership Academy turns an ordinary summer in to an extraordinary adventure and turns seemingly unattainable challenges into very achievable successes! 

The primary objective of the Youth Leadership Academy is to continue the students’ growth process from child to adolescent to adult leader. The motto of “leadership, discipline and honesty” is still the foundation of all daily activities. Team work, communication, and problem solving skills are the core curriculum.

Each child will learn about the incredible power of “TEAMWORK,” the importance of respect for self and others, and build the confidence to achieve the impossible.

Open to all Demopolis City and Marengo County Area School Students ages 11--15 years old 

Applications are now being accepted for the Public Safety Youth Leadership Academy

June 2019 Session

June 17 until June 21, 2019

Academy is from 8:00 am until 4:00 pm, unless otherwise notified by Staff.


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