Reserve Police Officer Program

The Demopolis Police Department maintains a Reserve Police Officer program to assist the department in several ways.  Reserve Officer Candidates must meet the same standards as full time officers and they go through the same testing process for the position.  Upon appointment to the position, the Reserve Officer is assigned to work patrol with a Field Training Officer (FTO).  The Reserve Officer receives the same training as a new recruit officer and he or she is continually evaluated by the FTO.  Upon completion of the training program, the Reserve Officer is qualified to work patrol as well as other law enforcement duties.  The Reserve Officer will normally work together with another full time officer.

Reserve Police Officers assist the police department by supplementing the patrol force, particularly during busy times such as weekends and holidays.  Reserve Officers are critical to police department operations during major incidents such as a public demonstration or natural disaster.  Reserve Officers also serve a vital role in various community events such as Foot Ball Games, other sporting events, the annual Christmas on the River Festival, Freedom on the River and other city functions along with their regular duties.

The Reserve Officer program is an excellent way for someone to volunteer their time to make a positive difference in their community.  It is also a great opportunity for those individuals considering a career in law enforcement to learn about the job and gain valuable experience.  The Demopolis Police Department typically recruits full time officers from its Reserve Officer program.

Call the Demopolis Police Department for more information 334-289-3073


Demopolis Police Explorers

Demopolis Police Explorers are a division of the Boy Scouts of America for young men and women aged 14 through 19. The purpose of this organization is to bring character building, citizenship training, and a fitness program to the youth of America. Explorer posts are organized by businesses, industries, churches, schools, civic clubs, and community organizations which provide an adult volunteer leader, program resources, and meeting facilities. These posts specialize in a variety of career and recreational programs designed to provide service, social, citizenship, outdoor, career, and fitness activities. Via volunteer Officers, this Department sponsors, maintains, and supervises Law Enforcement Explorer Post 911, which provides its participants with firsthand knowledge of the various aspects of police work. The Explorers cover a broad range of topics during lectures, discussions, and hands on training. Class topics include illegal drugs, searches, proper arrest techniques, traffic laws, traffic stops, fingerprinting, firearm safety and marksmanship, as well as other significant issues and techniques involving law enforcement work.

Explorer Patch