NRA Law Enforcement Firearms Instructor School

The Demopolis Police Training Center will be hosting an NRA Law Enforcement Firearms Instructor School on October 31st-November 4th 2016. This course is designed to train and prepare law enforcement officers to be a Firearms Instructor. This school will certify Handgun/Shotgun Instructors only. Prior to attending this course, students are expected to have a basic knowledge of law enforcement firearms and be able to safely and accurately use them. Specific eligibility requirements must be met prior to attending this NRA Law Enforcement Firearms Instructor school. Registration must be made on the attached forms with appropriate documentation. Registration confirmation to attend must also be received from NRA prior to arriving at any school. Please use this link or the attached documents to register for this course. Thanks and Be Safe.

There is a required Range Fee of $50.00 payable to the Demopolis Police Department prior to attending class