Proactive Skid-Car Simulations Training

The SKIDCAR SYSTEM® is a driver training program that represents a proven concept referred to as "The Science of Controlled Driving." Based on a foundation of mind over motor, this training builds and strengthens a driver’s understanding of vehicle dynamics, hones his or her sensory skills and teaches sound driving strategies, while refining a driver’s reactionary motor skill.

What is a SKIDCAR™?

A SKIDCAR is an ordinary vehicle that has been modified with a set of “training wheels” that are controlled from inside the car. The SKIDCAR uses hydraulics to lift the car just enough to limit normal traction and simulate driving on wet pavement, snow, ice, or dry pavement. Using a SKIDCAR, teaches a thought-based process of skid and accident avoidance without the use of lubricants or specialized driving surfaces.

This one day course, instructed by Stan Sant, a retired Alabama state trooper and coordinator for AMIC/MWCF, will teach and instill better driving instincts, which helps officers maintain control in the most difficult real-life situations, and is specifically designed to aid in the development of techniques that would be risky to learn in a regular vehicle at higher speeds.

You must be a certified APOSTC Law Enforcement Officer, Active Military Personnel in order to attend this training.  Upon completion of this course you will receive 4 accredited (CEU) hours and the cost is free. 
For directions or hotel information, contact Sgt. Richard Bryant (334) 289-3073.

Instructor: Alabama League of Municipalities Stanley Sant

Time: 08:00AM to 5:00PM CST

For the Cost: Please visit

What to Bring:

  • Comfortable Attire
  • Pencil and Paper


**Please check our website or by Facebook @Demopolis Police Department for further information.  Complete and submit all information prior to the course date or send fax to (334-217-0077) **.

Date:  July 19-22, 2016   Class begins at 8:00am.

Location: Demopolis Police Training Center @ Demopolis Police Department, 301 East Washington Street Demopolis, Al 36732

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